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Религиозные сообщества в медиа-пространстве: информационные инициативы Марфо-Мариинского сестричества милосердия Белгород

В междисциплинарном сетевом журнале «Научный результат. Социальные и гуманитарные исследования» Том 6, Выпуск №1, 2020 вышла статья руководителя пресс-службы Марфо-Мариинского сестричества милосердия Маслаковой А.В. «Religious communities in the media space: information initiatives of the Marfo-Mariinsky sisterhood of mercy (Belgorod)» — Религиозные сообщества в медиа-пространстве: информационные инициативы Марфо-Мариинского сестричества милосердия (Белгород). Перевод на английский язык сестры милосердия Петровой Татьяны и добровольца Сластихиной Киры.

The modern level of development of society is characterized by the wide use of information technologies in various fields. Grishaeva E.I., Shumkova V.A. note in their research that the media space as a new information initiative brings new practices to our daily life.

Like other religious organizations the Russian Orthodox Church is actively developing the media space.

Dobrochotova M.A. notes the appearance of Orthodox printed periodicals aimed at a specific audience (for example, women, parents), improving the quality of the product (paper availability of illustrations), attracting sponsors, inclusion in the Editorial Board, besides for sacred servants, (clerics) secular specialists (psychologists, sociologists and others), news publications from the Internet dating readers not only with Church events, also with public ones.

In accordance with the decree of the Moscow Patriarchate, the Church pays great attention to the development of Orthodox journalism; the most popular ones apply orthodox sites («Pravmir.ru», «Pravoslavie.ru»). Social networks are actively developing that brings new opportunities for evangelical preaching.

Local orthodox religious organization The Martha and Mary Sisterhood of mercy of Belgorod, the Belgorod and Starookolskaya diocese ROC has a press service.

The press service of the Sisterhood is aimed at informing the residents of Saint Belogorie about the Sisterhood’s activities, the announcement of the planned events. The information and educational materials prepared by the Sisterhood’s press service for the regional, urban and religional publications became traditional.

An equally important activity of the Sisterhood’s press service is cooperation with the city’s leading information portals, TV and radio companies.

Reports of representatives of the press servants represented the city in regional forums, conferences, briefings, readings of Church-wide significance.

As well as representatives of other members of the media space the press service employees are engaged in the development of advertising banners held by the Sisterhood actions, the preparation of letters of thanks for the heads of the organizations and individuals.

Materials prepared by the press service of the Sisterhood are important information resources about the needs of wards, encouraging people to participate in promotions joining, the Sisterhood’s volunteer ranks, transmitting reliable information about the Orthodox faith.

More than 22 years have passed since the press service of the Sisterhood began to popularize the ideas of rehabilitation of traditions and develop new meanings of charitable service in the media. This, of course, played an important role in shaping the public consciousness of citizens.

Multi-sided work on covering the traditions of charitable service in the media began with the publication of an article on the restoration of the Church of the intercession of the most Holy Theotocos by the Archpriest Sergey Kluyko in the Belgorod newspaper «Смена» № 1557 from July 29th 1994.

After a while in the regional newspaper «Znamya» the category was created occupying a separate page represented by a leaflet of the Sisterhood mercy “Virtue”

Education of citizens about charitable service was further spread with their participation of the private publishing house “Peasant business”. And just then the leaf “Vertue” received the status of an independent publication.

Since January 2005, the press service of the Sisterhood has published the magazine “Vertue”. For 15 years 42 issues were published the content of which is the fate of talented people God’s Providence and his presence in the world, many years of experience in charity and service to people contributed to the fact that the magazine very quickly gained popularity.

Varous categories of the magazines such as “The word of the Shepherd” (namely the conversations of the Sisterhood`s spiritual director, Archpriest Sergey Kluyko) “Name day” (day stories from the lives of saints), “Russian house”, “Who needs other People’s Children”, “Baby`s mouth”, “Prison in Freedom”, “Everyday stories”, “The Voice of the Heart” give each person warmth, help, kindness and joy. This applies even to those who do not think about mercy until they read the pages of the magazine.

And seriously ill patients of hospitals and residents of boarding houses and elderly single people, those who are serving their sentences find in the magazine the spiritual advice that is needed. Why? It’s because each category of the magazine is a separate story of the experience of God and his love for citizens of Belgorod, the key to salvation, illumination of charitable deeds, biography of the sisters, telling about their path to a not easy, but very noble cause, providing assistance to those in need; poems of the children receiving support, warmth and love from sisters. Martha and Maria the Mariinsky Sisterhood.

Great information content and sincere articles of the magazine allow you to attract new staff of benefactors (individuals and organizations).

There is always material that is necessarily in demand because of the topics of the articles included in to issue a very diverse. In 2019 two issues of the magazine were published, they were sent to hospital, prisons, and Orthodox organizations of the Sisterhood of mercy of other cities from the media of the Association of the Sisterhood of mercy of the ROC with whom the editorial Board maintains constant contact. The issues of the magazine were also received by the sisters of charity, philanthropists and authors of articles.

The press-service of the Sisterhood cooperates with nonresident magazine “Pokrov”, “Monastic Bulletin”, “Magazine patriarchs”, with TV channel “Union” and others.

An important event in the media space of the Russian Orthodox Church in 2019 was the membership of the head of the press service of the Sisterhood in the information department of the Belgorod metropolis. The head of the Sisterhood has been the editor of the Belgorod Metropolitan group VKontakte for 2 years. Information about the Sisterhood’s activities in regularly posted on the official website and in the Belgorod Metropolitan area group. Weekly news about the Sisterhood’s

activities is published on the website of the Belgorod and Starooskolsk diocese of the ROC-MP. On the website of the Belpress, for example, were published the articles “Volunteers of mercy. Everyone can join in their good work”, “The ship of the Salvation”, “How do the sisters of charity live and work?”

There is Cooperation with the magazine “Mamina Azbuka”.

Also the press service appears in the programs: “Path, Truth and Life” of the GTRK MirBelogorya, in the news blocks of the GTRK Belgorod on the round-the-clock cable channel Belgorod 24.

In the newsfeed Belgorod, Bez Formata.com, on the website Orthodoxy.ru there is an article “Involved in the Divine House-Building”.

The Sisterhood’s activities are actively displayed in such well-known social networks as:

1) Instagram;

2) Classmates;

3) VKontakte 2 to groups are created. The Martha and Mary Sisterhood in Belgorod has 3145 participants. The group is visited by 800 to 1400 people a day. Group 2 – “Orthodox Volunteers” has 1603 participants, every day the group is visited by 202 700 people. The groups publish ads for recruitment of volunteers every day;

4) Facebook;

5) Youtube;

6) Twitter.

At the moment there are plans for the development of Telegram, the development of their channel of Youtube. Mariinskaya Sisterhood of mercy posts information in the following news blocks: #mmsm gospel; schedule of services St Nicolas Church; #Thoghts of Saint Theophan, the recluse; #mmsm Help; #mmsm Action; sister`s diaries; #mmsm Story; #mmsm postcard; #mmsm info; #mmsm exhibitions; #mmsm video; #mmsm competition; #mmsm we ask for prayers; #mmsm confessor; #mmsm quotes; #mmsm parables; #mmsm the collection is closed; #mmsm the brother`s diaries; #mmsmservice experience; #mmsm prison; #mmsm you helped; #mmsm poems; #mmsm litpage; #mmsm report.

Marfo Mariinskaya Sisterhood of mercy has a website http: //belmiloserdie.ru the main page of which has contact information (address and phone number). The permanent sections of the website are: sisterhoods, projects, directions, sister`s diaries, you helped, the magazine “Virtue”.

Each of the sections is very informative. The “Sister`s diaries” section is very popular. The last entries in the “diaries” section are dedicated to the participation in the IX General Church Congress on social service and Orthodoxy the intercessor zealous of the Christian family of the Kazan icon of the mother of God invisible patroness of Russian people in their hour of trial.

In their diaries, the sisters do not just talk about charitable deeds, but about their faith in God, Holy places, people and their feelings. They told us about that majestic 6-thrones of the transfiguration Cathedral (the city of Bolkhov, Orel region) where the relics of the Holly Confessor, George Kossov rest, who all his life worked in the cause of charity (he built a brick factory, country house, 3-patronal Church in the name of the Transfiguration of the Lord, he pointed out first of all Christian remedies for ailments.

The sisters also told us about St Vvedensriy, Makarievskiy, Zhabyskiy male monastery where people witnessed the miracle – display of the face of the monk Makariy Zhabyskiy on the glass of the Kyoto icon which is near the Shrine with the relics of the Saint. The sisters tell us about their meeting with the volunteer Sylvester in Optina Hermitage, about how they with awe venerated relics of St. Ambrose of Optina who continues to serve people even after death giving them special protection and grace from God

This way is a miracle of God’s mercy to us! After all, our entire journey is a big improvisation. It is impossible to convey feelings of extraordinary spiritual uplift and peace that we experienced. “Thank God for everything”. These lines complete the record of the trip to the IX General Church Convention on social service.

Thus information initiatives of Marfo Mariinskaya Sisterhood of mercy aimed at broadcasting reliable information about the Orthodox faith, informing citizens about the activities of the Sisterhood and the events of the Sisterhood that are taking place, promotions and contests, gatherings, charitable work about Holy places to attract young people to charity, implementation of spiritual education.

Marfo Mariinskaya Sisterhoods of mercy are represented in modern social networks and have their own website, publication of the magazine. The sisters write books, perform on the radio and television.

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